In the second half of the 21st century, there was a worldwide rush in space exploration.

New power sources and ship engines were developed, which finally enabled men to reach for the stars.

By the end of the 21st century, there were already bases and space stations in the solar system, and scout ships exploring
other systems.

In 2109, the Omega sector was found – an inhabitable area with multiple mineral rich worlds.
Millions flocked to the Omega sector and built colonies, cities and new industries.

Attracted by this new land of opportunity, many powerful corporations set their headquarters on the thriving Omega sector.

By then a small military-police force, called the Earth Defense Force (EDF), patrolled the borders and escorted some convoys 
between worlds, protecting them from pirate attacks.

Most of the security was done by private contractors, who grew richer and more powerful with the colonization of the Omega

The 5 biggest private defense corporations in the Omega sector (Azima, Neotech Arms, Black Spade, GalSec and Uxmay) formed
one group called Omega Tech. Omega Tech quickly became the biggest paramilitary force in space.
More p
owerful than the Earth Defense Force itself.

In 2128 there were discussions on Earth about creating a united military fleet which would replace the EDF.
Although everyone agreed that the EDF was unable to patrol and protect every colony and planet from
pirates and bandits,
Earth’s nations didn’t see a point in joining their limited space forces.

Years later, the first voices about independence in the Omega sector were heard.

The year was 2161, and a young miner born on Omega Prime - Vadim Mitzai - rallied thousands with his speech against Earth’s
founding fathers.

He demanded independence for the Omega Sector.

10 years later Vadim Mitzai had millions of followers, ready to fight for independence.
Tensions were rising between the Omega sector and Earth. In the year of 2171, Mitzai was mysteriously murdered.
His supporters accused Earth of involvement.

In 2172, the Omega sector declared independence. With the support of Omega Tech - a consortium of the five biggest military
contractors based on Omega – there were a few raids on EDF ships based on the Omega sector.

The new independent worlds called themselves the Alliance of Free Worlds.
Earth aligned world leaders met, and discussed the urgent need of a new system.
Times were changing, and there was now a new player on the field, backed by a strong military arm.

In that same year, Earth’s nations and supporting colonies created the United Space Federation (USF). The EDF was disbanded,
and the United Space Federation Fleet (USFF) was born.

The USFF was a true military force, with a huge budget and thousands of recruits coming from all Earth's aligned worlds.

Worlds that didn't have a unified voice ended in civil war.
The Alliance of Free Worlds sent their forces to back up their supporters in these worlds.
The United Space Federation did the same.

Small skirmishes and battles were happening all over the human worlds.
USF and Alliance armies built up their forces, speeding up the construction of new ships and the recruitment of new soldiers.

In March 2175, war started on the Ozima world, in the Gemini sector. Ozima was an Earth like world, very rich and prosperous.
Both sides saw the strategic value of it, and sent ships and troops to aid their supporters.

In October of 2175, contact was lost with Ozima. All ships, troops and population were being exterminated in massive planetary

Both sides accused each other of mass murder, and an all-out war was declared between the USF and the Alliance of Free Worlds.