What is Gemini Wars?

Gemini Wars is a space strategy game. The best way to describe it is saying that it’s a mix between classic real time strategy,
and 4x.

When is it coming out?

June 8th 2012. 

How much will it cost?

We can't say yet; we'll announce the price soon.

What are the minimum specs?

We're aiming to bring the game to a variety of computers with different settings.
Although we can't say for sure (yet), we have been running the game in a wide range of computers, including low specs
and older machines.

How many factions are there?

There are 3 different factions in the game: United Space Federation, Alliance of Free Worlds and the Gark.

How many ships are there?

Each faction has 9 ships, making it a total of 27 ships.

Does the game involve ship building? What about base building?

Players can build space stations, turrets and other support structures, ships (ranging from frigates to carriers), and colony bases.

How does colonization and invasion work?

When a colony ship lands on a planet, it will establish a colony on it. 
To do this, the colony ship only needs to be sent to the planet.

Invasion is a bit more complex: since planetary bases have defenses, they need to be taken out first, by targeting the base’s
When the defenses are down, ground forces can be launched from space.

Does the game involve colony micro-management?

No. The planetary management is very simple. The focus of Gemini Wars truly is space battles.

Is the action limited to one star system?

The theater of operations can be one single star system, or several star systems connected by wormholes. 
The wormholes entrances are strategic locations, since they represent the only way to reach another
star system.

How does research work?

Research projects are developed using research points, and research points are gained by building research stations.
Once a research station is built, it will automatically generate research points over time.

Does the game have multiplayer mode?

Multiplayer and Skirmish modes will be released as free DLC shortly after the release.

How many campaigns are there in the game?

The game has one campaign, playing as an United Space Federation captain.

Will Marvin the Paranoid Android appear in the game?

No. Unfortunately we couldn’t get Marvin in the game.