United Space Federation


When new worlds were colonized and spaceship production was massified, anyone with money could have access to a spaceship. 
With transport ships traveling great distances between worlds,
an opportunity appeared for organized criminals.
Transports and convoys were constantly attacked and robbed, and new groups of criminals and pirates appeared every day.
Unable to fight the rising groups of criminals on their own, in the vast regions of space, Earth’s leaders saw the need to create
a paramilitary police force, which could have full jurisdiction to fight piracy.

Based on Earth, the first united space military branch was created: Earth Defense Force (EDF).

EDF was composed mainly of small corvettes and frigates, ships that could act and deploy quickly to any region of space.

When the Omega system declared independence from Earth's control in 2172, creating the Alliance of Free Worlds,
Earth’s leaders again saw the need to unite forces, this time in one single government.

In that same year, the treaty of London was signed and the United Space Federation created.

All space military would unite under one single powerful branch with ships and men from all nations. EDF was disbanded and its
members transferred to the United Space Federation Fleet.

With recruits coming from centuryies-old military academies on Earth, and combining the power of many nations, the USF
currently has an impressive military both in space and on the ground.