Alliance of Free Worlds


The Omega sector was the second region of space to be colonized by Earth. Its mineral rich and habitable planets quickly made 
it a desirable destination for many.

The almost perfect conditions attracted millions who flocked to Omega to start a new life. This led to an impressive growth in
that region.

The lack of support from EDF led to the establishment of private military contractors, who transferred their headquarters to
These military contractors quickly grew from suppliers to strong paramilitary forces.

Impressive as Omega was, it was still a group of Earth’s colonies. As new generations were born on Omega, so were the
thoughts of independence.
The new generations didn’t understand and accept why they should pay
taxes to benefit Earth, or even obey Earth’s laws and

In 2161, a young miner born on Omega Prime called Vadim Mitzai, rallied thousands with his speech against Earth’s founding
He demanded that the Omega sector should have an independent government.

10 years later Vadim Mitzai had millions of followers ready to fight for independence. Tensions rose between the Omega sector
and Earth.
In the year of 2171, Mitzai was mysteriously murdered.
His supporters accused Earth of involvement.
In 2172, the Omega sector declared independence. With the support of Omega Tech - a consortium of the five biggest military
contractors based on Omega – there were a few raids on EDF ships stationed on Omega.

The new independent worlds called themselves the Alliance of Free Worlds.

The Alliance doesn’t share a government or set of laws; each of the worlds has its own government. They do share the military
resources into one single military force – the Alliance fleet.

Composed of eagerly recruits willing to fight for their home, and backed up by Omega Tech – by now the most powerful and
advanced military contractor that has ever existed - the Alliance fleet is a force to be reckoned with.